My studio

    My home is my studio. My studio is my home. It is a completely digital, non-acoustic studio built around computer, keyboard, audio hardware, DAW and virtual instruments. You can get quite far that way but I also have partnerships in place for engaging musicians, vocalists and production resources where needed. Here are the main elements: 

    Virtual Instruments Komplete 7, Kore 2 and Kore soundpacks from Native Instruments

    Vienna Instruments Special Edition

    Goliath, SD2, Fab Four, Ministry of Rock, Gypsy, Voices of Passion from EastWest

    Evolve from Heavyocity

    Superior Drummer incl. Latin Drummer, Funkmaster and Electronic from ToonTracks

    Mixing/mastering tools Waves Platinum from Waves

    T-RackS mixing/mastering suite from IK Multimedia

    Ozone mastering tools andAalloy channel strip from izotope

    Effects AmpliTube amplifier/effect modeling suite from IK Multimedia
    Various effect plugins from Audiodamage, Flux, Jeroen Breebart, Melda Production, G-sonique and others
    DAW Cubase 6
    Keyboard Novation ReMote SL 61
    Audio Unit TC Electronic Impact Twin & Konnekt 6, Roland UA-1G
    Notation Software Sibelius 5
    Computer Lenovo Thinkpad W510 w/ Intel Quad Core 1.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit
    Storage Local storage and server storage (NAS), 2 Tb total

    ”Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny”
    Frank Zappa, musician, 1940-1993


2 thoughts on “My studio

  1. Jakito, i was looking through your gear list and had a question regarding your impressions of how well the TC Electronic Impact Twin works with the Lenovo W510 laptop. The reason I ask is I am currently in the market for a firewire audio interface and I use a Lenovo W510 also, currently I am having a tough time deciding between the TC and the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP. Any information on this issue would be greatly appreciated. For example does the TC work with the onboard Ricoh chipset etc. Thanks

  2. Hi James, I have not had any issues with regards to the Impact Twin/W510 combination. I am not familiar with any chipset details but have not experienced any hardware hiccups worth to mention. The sound is great value for the money and with regards to workflow, the TC works excellently for me. I constantly swap between Adam monitors, KRK headphones and Sennheiser wireless headphones, and I also swap between two different Lenovo machines. Having two channels for Firewire I/O, headphones and speakers on the Impact Twin make this setup very easy to use.

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